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Don't you just love GPS!

I love that movie Patch Adams.  There's a part in the movie where a guy keeps asking Patch "how many fingers am I holding up?"  The point was that he got him to see beyond the problem and see the answers: to bring hope, inspiration and possibility.  

If you had set your sights to get to a particular destination but found out you were driving in the wrong direction, what would you do? 

Or what if you found 2 roads to take: one was really rough terrain and the other one was smooth sailing. Which would you take?  

The answers seem obvious but with our health we often stay on the wrong course and end up wondering what happened.

Quite often we get caught up in our own heads and feel as if we're a victim to our circumstances.  As a Health Coach, my job, in part, is to help you see beyond what is right in front of you; to see things in a new and different way.  To understand that this is about getting the most out of life as possible.  To show that food can be delicious and promote health at the same time.  That exercise can be liberating.  That perspective and the right attitude can change the course of the daily steps you take and ignite or reignite a passion to help us get more out of life or enjoy what we already have, that much more! 

Some people invest in making money in the first half of their lives, only to spend it in medical bills in the second half...spending that hard earned money to try and regain what they lost.  

It's time for the blinders to come off!  It's time to get back in the drivers seat and gain control!

For most of us, getting the most out of life is important.  Being healthy means different things to different people, but on some level all of us want to be physically able to carry out our daily activities without too much difficulty as well as preventing getting injured or sick.  In addition to carrying out our daily activities including work, family responsibilities, and social obligations, most of us want to live long and productive lives. In order to accomplish this and be driven and passionate (not just go through the motions), we need to strive towards a healthy combination of physical, mental, emotional and social well-being.  

Being healthy is not just empowering, but it lifts the fog and brings the sunshine in.  It brings more clarity, joy and appreciation for each moment of our life.

As a former Fitness Trainer and now Health Coach, I have seen how people lives have been turned completely around through a change in health and fitness, mine included (have you ever read my story?).  

Being in good health is essential to reducing or eliminating common symptom of fatigue, digestive and sleeping issues, aches and pains and so many others that can rob us of our precious time, energy and money.  Additionally, good health decreases one’s risk of developing many serious chronic diseases including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, depression, arthritis, osteoporosis, and even some cancers. More importantly, if we do develop any of these conditions, generally, the healthier and fitter we are, the better we will be able to deal with and manage our illness.

In order for you to get going and make things happen, you sometimes need help and direction.  You may also need accountability, inspiration, an understanding of where to even start or how to get over the hurdles as they come along.  

In my Health Coaching business, I design programs for my clients based on what their health and/or fitness goals are (or help them to define what those goals are) to provide a personalized road map so you can move towards feeling and looking your best.  

Get in the drivers seat and I will be your GPS!

Visit my website Tailored Wellness to see how I can help you make lasting lifestyle changes, from weight management to overall wellness.  Or call me at 843-514-6731 to set up a free consultation.  

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Michael Troia on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 3:06 AM
thank you
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Health Coach on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 6:54 PM
This is a great explanation and I think we could all benefit from a little health coaching.
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I am glad to know about this site really very helpful and useful for all with this tailoredmassageandcoaching blog. Mainly updating about tips that may help with allergies,better tips I ever seen.
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Health Coach on Friday, May 12, 2017 12:49 AM
Thank you for sharing this one. Health Coaches are really of great help to people with health and motivation issues.
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Ashley James on Friday, May 12, 2017 1:09 AM
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Capital Physiotherapy on Thursday, May 18, 2017 10:27 AM
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