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Relief for back pain

Here are some common causes of back, especially low back, pain:

  • weak psoas muscle
  • overweight/obesity, especially around the middle
  • too much physical work
  • living a sedentary lifestyle
  • Muscle strains or tight hamstrings
  • Poor posture
  • Arthritis
  • Non-supportive shoes
  • Pregnancy
  • Emotional stress
  • Sleeping on a poorly made mattress
  • Constipation

Here are some better and safer alternatives to medications:

1. Chiropractic Treatments
Regular  have proved to be very effective at helping provide back pain relief, especially when combined with other treatments like physical therapy (if needed), exercise, or soft tissue therapies.  Read what patients are saying here.
2. Exercising regularly, including doing both cardio/aerobic exercises, strength training and yoga, can help reduce back pain by increasing flexibility, helping you maintain a healthy weight, reducing inflammation, improving posture and reducing muscular compensations/weakness. The top five exercises to strengthen your core to both prevent lower back pain and provide lower back pain relief are planks, cat and the cow, V-ups, swimmers, and rows.
3.Regular massage. Can help treat and prevent short- and long-term back problems.  Massage can help treat the underlying causes of back pain, such as poor posture, muscular compensations, and weakness through manipulative hands on adjustments. Massage and the other treatments can help “turn on” muscles that have been “turned off” due to past injuries and therefore eliminate added stress on painful parts of the back or legs.  See how affordable it is here.
4. Prolotherapy for Chronic Injuries/Tissue Damage
Prolotherapy has been used to treat back pain for more than 50 years.  Prolotherapy, including the specific type called PRP or dextrose/glucose prolotherapy treatments, use platelet-rich plasma and sometimes stem cells taken from your own body that contain growth factors that help heal damaged tissues.

Prolotherapy treatments work by naturally promoting a minor inflammatory response near damaged connective tissue, promoting regeneration and the growth of new, healthier tissue in the process. These treatments have been used to effectively reduce or heal chronic musculoskeletal conditions of the back, such as herniated/bulging discs, arthritis, osteoarthritis or other chronic joint pains, and tendonitis that affects the lower body and causes compensations in the spine.  For the most benefits, it seems that prolotherapy works best when combined with other back pain treatments, such as spinal manipulation, exercise and in some cases medications when needed.
5. An Anti-Inflammatory Diet High in Collagen
If you want to improve overall joint and muscular health, maintain a healthy body weight, lower inflammation, and prevent back pains from returning in the future, consuming a healthy, healing diet is essential! Start adjusting your diet by eating more of the following unprocessed, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory foods to help with lower back pain relief:
  • A high-fiber diet may be able to help you lose weight and overcome problems like high blood pressure, plus it’s beneficial for gut health and digestion. Constipation can make back pain worse, so eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are naturally high in fiber and other nutrients.
  • Water — Stay hydrated to prevent muscle spasms, manage blood pressure and improve digestion. Drink eight glasses of water daily as dehydration can increase back pain.
  • Potassium-rich foods — Potassium reduces swelling and is an important electrolyte for muscular and nerve functions. Include potassium-rich foods in as many of your meals as possible, such as green leafy vegetables, avocados, bananas, coconut water and cultured dairy.
  • Omega-3 fats — Wild-caught fish and flaxseed are high in omega-3 fattyacids, which can help reduce inflammation and manage pain.
  • Clean, lean protein foods — Choose pasture-raised chicken and turkey or grass-fed lean meats to provide your body with adequate protein needed to maintain muscle and bone health. Other good protein sources include cage-free eggs, fish, bone broth or other unprocessed protein powders, beans, and legumes.
To avoid making matters worse by gaining unheathy weight, increasing inflammatory (which contributes to and worsens pain) or creating nutrient deficiencies, make sure to reduce or eliminate the following foods: added sugar, sweetened beverages or snacks, refined vegetable oils, refined grain products, too much alcohol and tobacco products (smoking impairs blood flow and adds to nutrient deprivation to spinal tissues).
6. Supplements to Reduce Inflammation and Pain
  • Fish oil (2,000 milligrams daily): People with back pain need higher doses of omega-3 fats to help reduce inflammation.  Supplementation is often required since most of our diets don’t contain nearly what we need.
  • Turmeric (1,000 milligrams daily): Turmeric contains curcumin, which is the active ingredient that has powerful anti-inflammatory abilities, anti-aging effects and reduces pain.
  • Proteolytic enzymes/bromelain and papain (500 milligrams three times daily): Found in pineapple, these enzymes are natural anti-inflammatories that also help reduce swelling.
  • MSM (2,000–8,000 milligrams daily): MSM is an anti-inflammatory supplement that’s high in sulfur to help rebuild cartilage. It can help alleviate muscle spasms.
  • Magnesium (400–500 milligrams daily but avoid magnesium "oxide" which is a cheaper less effective form of it): This mineral is sometimes called the “relaxation mineral” because it helps relax muscles and reduce stress. Decrease the dosage of magnesium if it causes diarrhea.
  • Essential oilsPeppermint and wintergreen oil are effective analgesics that cool inflamed joints and reduce back pain. You can mix these oils with coconut oil and rub onto joints or make a homemade muscle rub. Frankincense and cypress oil reduce inflammation and improve circulation, which improves back pain.
  • Capsaicin cream: Capsaicin cream (derived from hot chili peppers/cayenne) can be applied to the skin to temporarily reduce chemicals that contribute to inflammation and pain.

Also, visit my website, Tailored Wellness and schedule a free consultation to have a wellness program designed just for you!

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jamesjona on Wednesday, February 01, 2017 11:37 PM
thanks for sharing
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Assignment Moz on Monday, April 17, 2017 7:19 AM
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Raymond J. Arroyo on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 1:20 AM
These are really thoughtful tips Mark. Thanks for sharing though. In my opinion avoiding health damaging foods can help reduce back pain. I am very keen on learning about the type of foods which can be harmful for your spine. I am not a fan of supplements. If supplements can invigorate one part of your body then it has the competency to worsen another.
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assignment writer on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 1:56 PM
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