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Increasing your libido naturally

Many factors affect our sex drive so if you have a low sex drive, it's important that you think about what it might be for you.  Regardless of age, a low libido can be caused by variety of reasons, including depression, stress, relationship issues, prescription medications, low testosterone, being overweight, too little exercise, our thought life and perception and drug or alcohol use.  As you work to correct the ones that affect you, not only will your libido increase but so will your health in general.  I'm going to address a few here:

Stress.  The normal demands of life can be stressful, let alone the additional unforeseen things that life can throw at us.  However, regardless of what comes at us, we have a choose of how we interpret it and what we do with that stressor.   Another is to see if there is a way or ways to avoid the stress in the first place.  There are generally options.  For instance, if it's financial, can you get a part time job, sell something, increase your income where you already are, or reduce your expenses and also to remember how blessed we are to have so much when many people have so little.  For more help, read my blog on "Tips to reduce stress and anxiety"

The health of our relationships.  Let's face it, even if everything else is good, we have to be attracted to our partner as well as have other healthy relationships that fill in the gaps that we don't get from those we are with.  Regardless of where you are at, I have seen people on the verge of divorce totally restore their relationship and seen good relationships reach even greater heights - growing and maturing because of our focus and decisions.  Are you making each other a priority?  Are you focusing on each others flaws or are you focusing on each others good qualities?  Are you taking good care of yourself and keeping yourself attractive?  Are you focusing on your own needs or the needs of each other?  Think about where you can improve.  And if your not in a relationship, it's not about finding the right person but rather becoming the right person.  While you're working on being the best version of you, the person will generally appear along the way.  And remember that a good relationship is not an accident...it's a decision.  

Our general health.  This one area can positively or negatively affect all other areas. It can heal or harm and can give us the energy and vitality we need or rob us of it. When your body has the correct nutrition and exercise it thrives and when we don't feed it well or keep active, it struggles and sometimes breaks down.  Ever put bad gas in your vehicle?  Let's face it, if we don't feel or look good due to poor nutrition and oxygenation of our cells, we're not going to be "in the mood".  Poor nutrition can affect our hormones (low testosterone, etc), mood, looks (over-weight, etc), how stress affects us, how we feel (symptoms like headaches, fatigue, etc), whether we get sick and/or even develop a more serious illness and many others.  

If you would like help in this area, please visit my Tailored Wellness website or schedule a free consultation.  I can definitely help!

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