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Your body will whisper before it screams

Our bodies give us warning signs long before it becomes a bigger problem and even a more severe illness.  Our bodies speak softly and if we don’t listen, our bodies can start to yell.  The surprising thing is most of these can be halted or even reversed with proper adjustments in nutrition, specific supplementation and particular lifestyle changes.

Here are a few signs to look out for:

Painful, swelling or stiff joints.  This could be a sign that there is too much inflammation in your body.  

Poor sleep.  This can be a sign of too much cortisol, a diet that is causing blood sugar issues, imbalance of hormones or adrenal fatigue.  As an example, the stress hormone cortisol is supposed to drop at night, allowing your body to rest and recharge. When you suffer from insomnia, it’s often because your cortisol levels are revved up at night as a result of too many “fight-or-flight” stress responses in your body.

Read my "Tips for Better Sleep" blog for some help.  

Excess weight.  Excess weight especially around the middle could be a sign of a number of things from being insulin sensitive, addiction to carbohydrates, food allergies, a thyroid issue, poor digestion, etc.  Either one, it can be or lead to serious health issues if not properly dealt with.

My Weight Loss Program is designed just for you and can help.   Schedule a free consultation here (under "Coaching Services").

Fatigue.  Fatigue and especially if your tired all the time, might be the result of burning the candle at both ends like working long hours, not getting enough sleep and family demands.  However, you could be tired because your thyroid isn’t functioning properly, your adrenal glands are fatigued, or your body is exhausted from trying to protect you from the toxic overload from processed foods, cigarettes, alcohol, or environmental exposures.  

Even more commonly, you could be wiped out because your stress responses are flipped on all the time — and your self-repair mechanisms are in overdrive, trying to protect you from infection, cancer, and a whole host of other serious illnesses  — that whisper may escalate to your body’s rebel yell.    So don’t dismiss exhaustion. Paying attention to your fatigue just might help or even save your life.

My detox program can help. Click here for more information or you can schedule a free consultation with me here (go to "Coaching Services").

Yellow pee.  Hydration is essential to maintaining a healthy body, and when you’re well hydrated, your urine should be almost completely clear.  If you see a lot of yellow, you’re probably not drinking enough fluids.  Keep in mind that caffeinated or alcoholic beverages are dehydrating, not hydrating, and sodas are full of sugar chemicals, so stick to water, herbal or green tea, coconut water, or green juices (you make yourself or purchase).

Snoring.   Snoring may be the only early sign of sleep apnea, a sleep disorder characterized by obstruction in the airways that can increase your risk of pulmonary hypertension and potentially lead to heart failure.

Always anxious.   Anxiety can start as a feeling in your mind that translates into the physiology of your body and predisposes you to diseases like heart disease. But as I discovered in my research, sometimes anxiety can go the other way -  anxious feelings can result from sex hormone imbalances, hyperthyroidism, adrenal tumors, and more.

Not Pooping enough.  Yup, you read it right.  This is when the poop can really hit the fan.  Healthy bowels move to eliminate toxins and if you're not you wind up… well…full of you-know-what. When you’re constipated, toxins in the body can seep through the lining of the bowel, enter the bloodstream, and cause inflammation, which can put you at risk of a whole host of health conditions.

70% of your immune system is in your gut so proper gut health is imperative to the rest of the body.  Therefore, I will soon be introducing a program designed to improve the health of your digestive system.  In the meantime,  my Detox or Weight Loss or Transformation Programs can help.  

Start with a free consultation here (under "Coaching Services") to see which one would be best for you.  

Get sick a lot.   We’re all exposed to viruses and bacteria every day, but a healthy individual should be able to fight off these pathogens the majority of the time. If you’re that person who catches every cold , your immune system may not be functioning optimally, which can put you at risk not only of infectious diseases, but of life-threatening diseases like cancer. 

Lips crack a lot.   An interesting thing I learned is that cracked lips, especially in corners of the mouth,  can  be a sign of  a deficiency in B vitamins, especially vitamin B12, which can put you at risk of illnesses like anemia.   Whenever you get a vitamin, make sure that it is food based like New Chapter, Mega Food, Standard Process (you can get or order through Coastal Carolina Chiropractic where I work) etc.  Your body will better utilize them and synthetic vitamins can actually cause more harm then good.

Skin problems.  If you have frequent outbreaks of acne, psoriasis, eczema, or other rashes, your health may be on the fritz. Your skin is the body’s largest organ of elimination, and if it’s acting up, your body may be trying to tell you something. Your skin may signal food or other allergies, but your skin is also very often a sign that your nervous system is in stress response.   The best prescription for healing is what you put inside your body.  A proper detox can be a great start in the right direction.  

Also, visit my Wellness website at Tailoredwellness.biz

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