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How It Works.
Thank you for participating in my marketing campaign such with GroupOn or Living Social.

These venues provide a wonderful opportunity for you to experience my personalized professional massage services.  However, at substantially reduced rates (usually at least a 50% reduction for you, the customer.  Then as a business owner I generally get about 50% of that reduced rate: an average of only $18.00 per massage).    
Although these ads provide wonderful exposure and opportunity for you to experience my services, my business can only survive and thrive through gratuity, repeat business, referrals and direct purchases.  Package deals are a wonderful way to make massage affordable as well as making a commitment to your well-being..  Therefore please note that I will only accept one voucher per customer.  Additionally, if you're voucher has expired, I will still honor the value of the voucher towards the cost of a massage.  

If you would like to continue to receive the wonderful benefits of massage, please purchase and schedule additional massages directly through Tailored Massage.  
Thank you again for your trust & business!   
Mark Kennon, LMT/Health Coach
tailoredmassage@aol.com / 843-514-6731

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