Tailored Massage & Coaching - Tailored to your individual needs
Remember, this is about you!  I called my business Tailored Massage because everyone is different and I will always attempt to tailor it to your needs and wants.  To get the most out of your massage, here are some helpful suggestions:


  • Fill out the intake form online and bring it in or show up five minutes early to fill it out. This will let me know your expectations and reasons for the massage or if you have any allergies to lotions, oils or scents.
  • Prep for relaxation.  Before you leave your house, take 5 - 10 minutes to sit and relax & maybe try some relaxing tea like Kava or Holy Basil.  This will help the body and mind really take to the massage.
  • Don't eat just before the massage session. Let your body digest your meal first.
  • Be on time. If you arrive in a frenzied, rushed state, it may take longer to relax.
  • Rest assured of privacy - I will leave the room to provide privacy while you undress. A sheet and blanket is provided for draping during the massage and I will uncover only the part of your body being massaged,ensuring your modesty is respected at all times. After the massage is finished, I will leave the room to provide you with privacy while dressing.


  • I play music that is calm and relaxing.  Let me know if you would prefer something else.  Also, feel free to talk or remain silent.  This is your time.
  • Turn your mind off!  Your brain need a break too!  This is the number one area that keep someone from getting the most out of their massage.  There's plenty of time to think afterwards.  Listen to the music or think of a peaceful place where you love to relax.  
  • Communicate if anything feels uncomfortable or painful.  Even deep tissue should be a "hurts so good" but never painful.
  • During the massage session, let me know if you have any discomfort,whether it's from the massage or due to any problems or distractions related to the environment, e.g., room temperature, music volume, lighting, etc.  I will do my best to correct it.
  • Let me know of any apprehensions or concerns. It's important that you be as comfortable as possible.  I am a health care professional dedicated to do my best to help you feel at ease.
  • Remember to breathe normally. Breathing helps facilitate relaxation. People often stop or limit their breathing when they feel anxious or a sensitive area is massaged.
  • Relax your muscles and your mind. Tightening up by contracting or hardening your muscles during the massage is counterproductive. I can always adjust the massage technique and may also be able to help you relax the affected area. 


  • Drink extra water after your massage.  Massage, like exercise, releases toxins like lactic acid and water helps flush them out. 
  • Don't get up too quickly.  I allow for some open, quiet time after your massage session. 
  • Schedule more massage sessions. Massage has its greatest benefits over time. Get the greatest value by purchasing a package of them.

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